relies partially on client and user feedback, comments and reporting.

To report spammers to, email us at:

Other helpful Contacts and Links in regards to Spam:
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
CRTC Telemarketing Policy
Fight Spam on the Internet
DMOZ Open Directory Project

About us...

MegaWebServers is committed to protecting your network of outsourced web, email and e-commerce against abuse with our robust system of abuse management technologies and services. We actively support the efficient network operation of small and medium sized business web sites, email services and related applications. Our solutions are used exclusively by hosting service providers, such as ISP's, telco's, cable companies, domain registrars, and other web service providers.

MegaWebServers is committed to providing a professionally managed outsourced email abuse solution. We take over your abuse mail and remove the spammers and abusers. Service providers on our system can concentrate on running the best email and web services and service their end-users while we manage the problem areas such as network-affecting SPAM and other abuse categories.

Please review the helpful links on this site or contact us to report and incidence of network abuse you may encounter. Our central abuse management and control center is standing by 24 X 7 to log and act upon any reported issue.

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